Of the many varied types of shooting, the first one that most people try is either Air Rifle or Air Pistol. This is because within limits both of these are available without any special license and can be shot at home or in a club, subject to safety considerations.

Air Pistol as such has moved from just shooting at tin cans to an Olympic sport. This is shot over 10 meters at officially standardised targets. The ISSF, which is the shooting sports rule makers, govern the size, height and just about everything to do with aligning the sport world-wide. The pistols used are .177 or 4.50 mm in calibre and a course of fire is 60 shots at the targets. Full international  competitions use electronic scoring with the result of each shot being displayed on a monitor for the shooter and spectators to see. The course of fire is usually 60 shots (600 points). The worlds best shoot around the 590's... You have to be really dedicated to achieve this, believe me !!The rest of us mortals shoot at paper targets putting 5 or 10 shots on a card. 

The real pleasure in this is that any one can try it, results are very satisfying and it is a sport for young and old. Since the advent of compressed air or CO2 pistols ,many are capable of shooting as a 5 shot repeater. This opens the door to many other competitions, similar to the older cartridge pistols. These have proved to be very popular and gives the air pistol shooter more scope.
Clive Kay