Even more so than Air Pistol, Air Rifle is often the first introduction to shooting. Within reason, being both cheap and easily accessible, many people will remember shooting an Air Rifle as a child.

Like Air Pistol, Air Rifle shooting has come a long way since the days of shooting tin cans in your back garden with a break barrel rifle. Compressed air rifles are among some of the most accurate firearms produced. Air Rifle shooting is an Olympic discipline and some say THE most difficult shooting discipline.

Although it is only shot at 10mtrs - the bulls eye or 10 ring is only 1/2 a millimeter in diameter. Coupled with the fact that shooting takes place in the standing position with no support available and open sights, this is a very demanding target.

Generally, in club competition, a course of fire is 20 shots, each card has 5 targets at which 1 shot is placed on each. Four cards are shot, giving a maximum possible score of 200.

Any rifle of .177 caliber can be used to shoot Air Rifle competition. As mentioned, telescopic sights are not allowed nor rests or supports of any type. Top competition rifles are state of the art. Utilising compressed air as the propellant, laminated stocks or even aluminum in some cases, they have precision sights and triggers and are extremely accurate.