1. The Club shall be called the WATFORD & DISTRICT RIFLE CLUB with its H.Q. at the Bob KenDon Clubhouse, Vicarage Road Watford West, Hertfordshire.

2. The Club shall be affiliated to the National Small-Bore Rifle Association, the Hertfordshire Small-Bore Rifle Association and any other Rifle Associations that the Committee deem necessary.

a) The Club Shall meet the criteria for Home Office Approval.

3. The object of the Club is to encourage skill, through competition, in rifle shooting by providing instruction and practice in the use of rifles, to any of Her Majesty’s subjects so that they will be better fitted, through pre-service training to serve their country in the Armed Forces, Territorial Army or any other organisation in which their services may be required in the defense of the realm in times of peril.

4. The Officers of the Club shall be Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer & Club Captain.

5. The Club shall be managed by the Committee who shall be elected at the A.G.M. each year and shall consist of:

a) The Officers referred to in rule 4.
b) A minimum of 3 other Committee Members.
c) A Quorum will be 4 Committee Members.

6. A Banking Account shall be opened in the name of the Club and all payments of over £100.00 shall be made by cheque. The cheques must be signed by either of the two nominated officers of the club.

a) The Treasurer may pay accounts and incur any normal liabilities on behalf of the Club.
b) The accounts of the Club shall be made up to the 31st December each year and shall be audited by an auditor appointed at the A.G.M.

7. The Annual General Meeting shall be as soon as possible after 1st April each year. At least 21 days notice shall be given to the Members. 

8. The business transacted at the A.G.M shall be:

a) Minutes of previous meeting.
b) Presentation of Audited Accounts and reports from other Officers.
c) Election of President and Vice President.
d) Election of Officers.
e) Election of Committee.
f) Subscriptions.
g) Appointment of Auditor.
h) Any Other Business.

9. Changes to the Constitution may only be effected by a 2/3 majority of eligible votes at a properly convened General Meeting.

a) Resolutions shall be decided by a simple majority of eligible votes at all properly convened meetings.
b) The Chairman of the Club shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.
c) All Members, by application in writing to the Secretary may request the passing of their voting rights by proxy, to another Member of the Club.

10. The Annual Subscriptions shall be payable, in advance on the 1st January each year.

a) Any Member whose subscription is not paid by 28th February will be debarred from the privileges of membership.

11. A Special General meeting may be called by the Committee at any time.

a) A similar meeting may be called at the request of a Member, stating in writing the purpose of the meeting and signed by a minimum of five paid-up Members and delivered to the Secretary. The Secretary shall within 21 days convene a Special General Meeting of the Club.

12. Upon requisition being duly served and NOT actioned within 21 days, the requisitionists may themselves convene a Special General Meeting of the Club by giving 14 days notice in writing to the Members, stating the purpose of the meeting. Any resolutions passed at such a meeting shall have the same force and effect as if they were passed at a meeting convened by the Secretary.

13. The Secretary will convene Committee Meetings giving at least 7 days notice.

14. The Committee may make Bye-Laws & Regulations in regard to the running of the Club and may form Sub-Committees and co-opt other Members to the Committee and Sub-Committees.

15. The Committee may remove from the Roll of Members, any Member whose conduct on the range or upon premises occupied by the club (or elsewhere) is unsafe, unseemly, objectionable, calculated to bring the Club into disrepute, or fails to comply with any Rule or Regulation made by the Club or Committee. Such Members shall have no claim on the Club for any subscription or entrance fee paid.

a) He/She may appeal against the decision of the Committee, provided that notice, in writing, be given to the Secretary within 28 days of receipt of notice of His/Her removal from the Club. The Committee must consider that appeal at the next Committee Meeting or within 2 calendar months whichever is the sooner.

16. If a Member, who renews their Firearm Certificate through the Club, does not use the Club range regularly over a period of 6 months, without good reason, then the Secretary will, at the direction of the Committee, inform the Police that He/She is not an active Member of the Club and does not use the Club range regularly. A copy of that letter will be sent to that Member. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform the Club of the reason for their absence as prior warning of the action will not be given.

17. All property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee. In the event of the Club being wound up, after discharging all debts and liabilities, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed among Members but shall be given or transferred to either:

a) Some other voluntary organisation having objects similar to those of the Club.
b) Some other suitable charitable organisation.

18. Application for membership must be made to the secretary on the prescribed form and admission as a full Member will be considered by the Committee after the applicant has served a probationary period of 6 months.

a) There will be no Day Membership
b) There will be no Temporary Membership.

19. Members are required to perform 4 half-day working party duties in any given Membership Year. Members who, for any reason,  are unable to attend such working parties must negotiate an alternative method of contributing to the Club with the Committee. Notice of impending working parties will be posted at least 21 in days in advance on the Club notice board at the range.


1. The Range shall be open from 9:00a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on Sundays, 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays & 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Any Member arriving later than 8:30 p.m. during the week or 11:30 p.m. on Sundays may not be permitted to shoot.

2. The Range may be opened outside the specified times in (1) provided that 2 Members are present, 1 of which must be a Committee Member. If a Committee Member who is acting as Range Officer wants to shoot a league card or another card that requires witnessing, another Member must be present to take over Range Officers duties.

3. No ammunition other than that supplied by the Club may be used on the Clubs range without permission from the Committee. Members wishing to use any other kind, which must conform to NSRA rule 9, must first get it approved by the Committee.  A charge of 50p per 50 rounds will be made.

4. Where a card has on it more or less hits than the number specified or there is evidence of cross shooting, then NSRA rules for scoring will apply. (NSRA Rule in conjunction with rule

5. Members may use their own equipment and weapons on the Club Range, provided they conform to NSRA rules (NSRA Rules 8.1 - 8.9.1 inclusive & 9.2 - 9.3.4 inclusive)

6. Members shooting in Leagues, Competitions or Matches will take precedence for Target accommodation before Members practicing.  A Member having fired a series of 20 shots plus sighters at any range in practice, must discontinue firing so long as other Members entered in competitions, or Members who have not had any practice, are waiting to shoot.

7. In all competitions, Members should ensure that their name & the title of the competition is duly marked upon the target, and that the appropriate stickers firmly affixed before they commence shooting of the card. All league cards must be signed by the shooter as soon as possible after shooting and witnessed and dated by a Committee Member at the time of shooting.

a) A scorer will be appointed for Club competitions and in the event of a dispute the target(s) will be referred to the Committee whose decision will be final .

8. No Member shall fire in any Competition until their entrance fee if any for such competition has been paid.

9. No member will be allowed to shoot on the range if their annual subscription for the current year is overdue.

10. No competition cards for other clubs are to be shot on the WDRC range by Members without prior approval.

11. Unless otherwise specified in the conditions of a competition, not more than 10 minutes will be allowed to any Member or competitor in which to fire their shots at 25yds, and not more than 20 minutes at 50mtrs (including sighters). Any delay caused through mis-fire will be allowed for provided it is at once reported to the Range Officer on duty.

12. The Committee has the power to arrange matches or to enter the Club in any open competition, and shall fix entry fees for the Club competitions. They shall elect a Captain & Vice-Captain of teams when requisite.

13. The Club Captain, or in His/Her absence, the Vice-Captain, shall select the Members to fire in Club matches or competitions. They shall select those Members whose shooting in their opinion appears to justify their inclusion.

14. Members damaging rifles or other property of the Club through careless handling will be required to pay the cost of making good the damage.

15. Beginners who, on joining, have never had any previous experience of shooting will be instructed in the applicable discipline by any qualified Member, the Range Officer shall be empowered to detail any qualified Member present for this purpose. Before being permitted to shoot, beginners shall be taught how to take correct sight and aim at a stationary target, and have the various parts of the rifle or pistol explained to them. They shall also be instructed in range etiquette, Range Officer commands and how to deal with a mis-fire.

16. Any alterations or additions to these Bye-Laws will be posted up on the Club notice board at the range 14 days before taking effect. Also the conditions of any competitions or any other matter of Club interest. Members are therefore required to read notices carefully immediately on entering the range, as a plea of ignorance of such matters will not be entertained.


1. A Range Officer (who must also be a Committee Member) must be present at all times when shooting is in progress. They will be in sole charge and responsible for the observance of the regulations for the conduct of shooting.

2. No one shall be allowed in front of the firing point without permission from the Range Officer.

3. No Member may load His/Her weapon until he/she has taken up his/her position on the firing point and been given the "Clear to Shoot" command from the Range Officer. Weapons must be unloaded and breeches left open before leaving the firing point.

4. On the command "Cease Fire" all rifles must be immediately unloaded and a "breech flag" inserted. They must then be laid down on the firing point with the muzzle pointing towards the butts. They must be left in that position until the "All Clear" has been given by the Range Officer.

5. Members must not point a weapon, either loaded or un-loaded at any person or in any direction other than towards the butts. Any Member guilty of any such practice which, in the opinion of the Range Officer is dangerous or undesirable will be subject to disciplinary action as deemed fit by the Committee.

6. In the event of a mis-fire:

1) Wait 15 seconds (in case of a hang-fire)
2) Re-cock and fire the weapon again.
3) If there is still a mis-fire - call the attention of the Range Officer, wait a further 20 seconds, eject the round and hand it to the Range Officer so that the bullet can be separated from the case for disposal.


7. Members wishing to shoot will do so in strict order of arrival on the Range. (Subject to Bye-Law No 6)

8. All Members and Probationary Members should ensure that they sign their attendance record sheet immediately, whether they intend to shoot or not.

9. Duties of the Range Officer are to:

a) Open the Clubhouse at the specified time.
b) Position the warning flags and notice.
c) Arrange details as required.
d) Take charge of the Clubs ammunition and weapons.
e) Collect and record green fees and any other money.
f) Witness the shot cards.
g) Be responsible for the security of Club Weapons and ammunition in the armoury and of the Clubhouse when the session has ended.

10. The following must be observed at all times:

a) All instructions of the Range officer.
b) The removal of all your empty cartridge cases from the firing point.
c) Do not shoot without permission from the Range Officer.
d) Do not enter or leave the firing point during a detail.
e) Do not use a magazine.